$10 000 Robert G. Mayes Memorial Scholarship


Nowadays college has not been that easily attained. Due to numerous obstacles being faced by students and the one funding their education, college education has been less accessible for people. As for the students themselves, the increasing load of academics has been one of the main reasons why staying in college has been difficult, this together with the numerous stressors. On the other hand, for the parents or the one funding these students’ education, the financial load of colleges have steadily increased also with fees and prices of materials going up. The financial load of college has been one of the biggest hurdles students would have to face when talking about college.

Fortunately, with the emergence of the internet also comes an alternative for attaining that college education. A lot of people have been on the lookout for other ways to study college and one of the best ways they have found is through attending online classes. Distance learning is a concept that has flourished through the years where students are to take their classes through the internet therefore giving them more accessibility and freedom. In line with this, universities offering online classes have also been known for offering a lot of scholarship opportunities to their students.

One of the accredited online universities you may want to check out is the Columbia Southern University or CSU. The university has been known for the quality of online education it offers as a student-centered university that prioritizes the future of its students. The Columbia Southern University highlights the best parts of an online university with schedule flexibility and course diversity. Upon entering the institution, a CDR or Comprehensive Degree Report will be given to you from your advisor in order to help you track your progress in attaining your goals. The university offers associate, bachelor, masters, doctoral, and certificate programs.

The Robert G. Mayes Memorial scholarship is a scholarship grants given by the Columbia Southern University on a yearly basis as a tribute to Robert G. Mayes Sr. who started the distance learning school. The scholarship can amount to $10 000 and is given to a CSU alumnus who wants to continue their education in the same institution. Aside from being a CSU alumnus, you must also have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and capable of maintaining it.

For more information about the scholarship and the school, head on to columbiasouthern.edu, where you could also access the application form. The rest of the details about the scholarship such as the deadlines and the specific document list are on the same website as well.

407 thoughts on “$10 000 Robert G. Mayes Memorial Scholarship”

    1. Hi
      My name is Sihle Dube i’m doing Public Relation at Rosebank Collage in Pretoria.I will be happy if you can assist with my fees

  1. I am a single Zambian male aged 26,I lost my guardian in 2013 on the 18th of march through a tragic Road Accident. At that time I was in my first year of my studies and things immediately turned upside down. However dropping out of University I did not consider it, I instead struggled and managed to reach final year studying a Bachelors degree of Science in Economics at the Copperbelt University in Zambia,however I did not manage to graduate because I did not pass in three subjects in my final exam. I was supporting myself through piece works and part-time small business. My small business collapsed completely and I have no means to pay my tution fees to complete my degree studies at the same University,I need help please I don’t know how I can find the money and I am willing to do anything for me raise this money so that I can complete my studies and collect my Bachelors degree. Please help me,I only need a year to complete my studies. My tution fees are at $10000-$15000 and accommodation at $500,it’s all I need and that’s for a full year. Food expenses are not a priority as at now as long as I get started that’s what is important to me. Please help me please.

  2. Am a Ugandan aged 21, doing diploma in building and civil engineering. I am from a poor family but really want to progress in my engineering studies. I beg for any studies on scholarship program

    1. Am called UMULISA Brigitte . I was finished my university study in surveying and Geomatics Engineering in Civil Engineering. I need to continue my study. if it is possible you can help me to continue.

  3. for me I completed my course of FASHION AND INTERIOR DESIGNING.
    Now only thing I need is a financial support to help me buy INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINES.

    (1)= OVER LOCKING MACHINE cost USD $ 500 (UGX 1,700,000)

    (2)= STRAIGHT STITCHING MACHINE cost USD $ 400 (UGX 1,360,000)

    (3) = COMPUTERISED EMBROIDERY MACHINE cost USD $ 4,500 (UGX 15,300,000)

    (4)= BABY LOCK MACHINE cost USD $ 450 (UGX 1,500,000)

    (5)= BUTTON PRESSER MACHINE cost USD $ 300 (UGX 1,020,000)

    (6) DELIVERY TRUCK cost USD $10,000 (UGX 34,000,000)

    TOTAL= USD $ 16,150 (UGX 54,910,000)

    please am kindly asking for your support

  4. I am julieto agot from my most beloved country-Philippines. I am currently studying as a Grade 12 Student and soon to be graduated this coming march. And in the next school year I am already going to enroll for college. Finishing studies is my main goal in life. I want to help my parents to raise us from poverty. I really wanted to take a course in college that can help me in my future career. through the help of this scholarship program that you extend to us/me, if ever I will be one of the chosen and Im hopeful, this can really be a great help to me to reach my goals in life. I maybe cant explain it well but I have to give thanks especially to God that you have this program. Thank you so much! God Bless you all! Love, Julieto Agot.

  5. I am Denis Samura ,a sierra Leonean in Freetown.Have a bechelors degree in nursing,need a scholarship to pursue a masters in either clinical pharmacy,public health,epidemiology etc..help please with funding

  6. Am Joseph from Egerton university Kenya currently studying a bachelor of education (science) I need to fund my masters apone completion of undergraduate studies please assit

  7. I am interested, am Brewster Daka and I want to do human medicine or health management. Pliz help me get the scholarship

  8. I currently am pursuing bachelor in commerce but I need scholarship to study abroad ua help will b highly appreciated

  9. This is Ocan William Daniel from South Sudan I have Bachelor Degree in Education and I need Scholarship for Master please can you help me so that I pursue my master in Education so that I can help my Citizens in South Sudan

  10. I am a graduate in the field of chemistry currently I’m doing my Msc in organic chemistry, pls can you help me to study abroad for my PhD. I’m living in Nigeria, katsina state. also I’m 27 by age. thanks for your concern

  11. hello I am single male of 23 years old and i am coming from Rwanda so,kindly you may help me to study in college thanks

  12. I finished secondary school In electronic and telecommunications but now I continue my study in university of Gishari intergated polytechnic I am in level 2 so, I want to improve my skills kindly you may help me to achieve on this thanks

  13. I am very glad to request this opportunity thought I life one of the poorest country in the world and need to get support in oder to gain bright future I and my children so that support me to forward my education so help me.
    I am very interest to learn bacholar of agriculture.
    thank u for your support me

  14. Will I be offered scholarship fund from you to enable me to continue with my current Theological academic studies?

  15. am a kenyan citizen aged 23 ,i have pursed a degree in public health and am more willing to purse another degree in nursing.i humbly request for a schoolarship that will assist to achieve my goal with an aim of improving health of people especially the poor all over the world.

    am more interested and am very ready for the chance

  16. am interested and willing to move on with my studies when i get finacial support that will guide me through the journey of learn and adding more value

  17. im Nhlonipho Ndlangamandla completed my high school .I’m ready to enrol in any institution to further my studies. I will be very glad to this opportunity to pursue. real need a scholarship.

  18. Please …I really hope to get the help is not for me but make my daughter dear because for me not easy to get a lot of money for the cost of education, I can only hope

  19. I have first class in Msc/tech and I need to further more on technology hope my request will very granted in a due course thanks.

    1. Am an african i lost one of my parents and due the process i could not continue with my studies so i Will be very happy that i Will be able to full fill all of my dreams if i happen to get that bussery

  20. I am interested. I am a student at the moment with the university of Johannesburg. I am going into my third and final year of Bcom. Finance.
    I need help to pay for my tuition of about R45000.00 for the 2 semesters of 2018

  21. Hi all, its Maduna here, in the Vaal arround Vanderbijlpark in Gauteng in South Africa. I am 34 years of age black male. My academic background is MSc.Diabetes, BSc.hons.Physiology, BSc.hons.Dietetics, and Post grad dip.Diabetes. I am in a process of studying towards a PhD in Biological Sciences in the UK as of October 2018, thus I need funding asap before i start. In the mean time I am currently working in private practice as a dietician on weekend basis, thus I also wish to study MBA on online platform in the mean time, thus therefore thats is why i am looking.Furthermore, if there is any employment opportunities that you think would suite my profile, please do inform me or recruit me

  22. Sir please am a degree holder in law. From Africa specifucally from Cameroon but do not currently have the means to pursue a Masters.
    Please is it possible that am eligible for ur scholarship?
    Any special provisions for citizens of my kind?

  23. Am a University student am really from a humble background,I do believe that this sponsor will be of great impact in my life considering that am orphan gentleman but struggling in academics in spite the circumstances

  24. I’m studying education in Liberia west Africa, I dropped from school due to financial illness.can I receive a scholarship from you?

  25. I’m a university student studying education from Liberia west Africa, i dropped from school due to financial illness. Can I please receive a scholarship from you to complete my education?

  26. My wish is to further my studies so that I can be able to take care of my two younger brothers and one little sister. I’d appreciate a lot if you can give me a scholarship. Both my parents are not working but beside that,they don’t even care about me.

  27. I am a west african nigerian student from sokoto state,i have a diploma in medical laboratory technician and i need to continue my bsc.But due to financial problem i have nothing recenty am jobless.pls and pls i need your assistance.

  28. Sir please am a degree holder in economics. From Africa specifucally from Ethiopia but do not currently have the means to pursue a Masters.
    Please is it possible that am eligible for ur scholarship?
    Any special provisions for citizens of my kind?

  29. my name is aden osman abdi iam in kenya interesting
    sir iam diploma holder in D.B.A Africa specifically from Kenya but dont currently have in degree
    please i request for you to help me for your scholarship


  30. Joseph Mamvura holder of a Higher National Diploma Purchasing and supply management in Zimbabwe, looking for a Degree study. I request you to assist me with your scholarship.

    Looking forward to your assistance.

  31. Hello am.Timothy from Kenya and am ready to be helped to pursue my higher diploma in accounting and finance please help ……eagerly waiting. Thanks you..

  32. Hi my name is Masaneh Ceesay; a Gambian and am fourty seven years old. I am a registered nurse working with the Medical Research Council Gambia at London School of hygiene and Tropical Medicine.I am a Nurse Coordinator. I am just enrolled at my home university (The University Of The Gambia) to do a bachelor degree in Nursing and reproductive health. I am in my first year and second semester.However my biggest problem at this juncture is funding. I am enquiring whether you can offer me scholarship for two and half year period as that is the duration of the study.The fee per year is thirty nine thousand (39,000) Gambian dalasi which is approximately eight hundred and thirty (830) dollars per year.

  33. I’m a parent’s of my own who struggle hard to finance my own education since my parents were peasant back in the village. I migrate to the city looking for opportunity but had no chance of getting one. Since then I resort to other illegal activities which I nearly lost my life. I’m kindly asking if you could aid me completing my education. By the way. I’m from Papua new Guinea,a small country in the South Pacific which is north of Australia

  34. I am Rushane Valentine a boy who is still in high school .I am seeking this scholarship mto aid me going to colledge

  35. Thank for this publicity, I need ur urgent intervention for bachelor’s degree scholarship I await ur early reply, thank

  36. Am Anyiglo Clement and i study at Global professional studies in Ghana. i have no financial support from any where because am from poor family so my hands are tied i wanted to stop school so i need your help and am studing accounting and financial

  37. I want to continue my studies and i want someone’s help because my aim is to be qualified at the highest level please can I offer me that opportunity

  38. I’m highly interested in this due to the value it gives your life after studied.Since I left high school I’ve never entered college due to financial reason, so pls help me fulfilled my dream. Thanks for your understanding

  39. I am aliasgar tinwala . i study in mechanical engeering sem- 1 . plz give this scholarship for study . i am live in india from ahmedabad. Plz humble request .

  40. I am aliasgar tinwala . i study in mechanical engeering sem- 1 . plz give this scholarship for study . i am live in india from ahmedabad. Plz humble request .plz reply krna. My father is damage for kidney. And finicial conditions is very poor. Plz request help for study.

  41. Hey i’m from India and i belong to a middle class family and so my family could not afford for my higher studies. I am now in B.A. taking up political science as my major paper and i really want to continue my studies so i request to please offer me this schorlarship.

  42. iam studying at undergraduate student at the university of the south pacific (foundation studies).i would be glad if you could kindly offers the scholarship to me to undertake as my further studies. the other thing is that, how could i be help to buy for the tution fees.

  43. Hi,my name is Musa Mkhize who was studying BA Cmmunication Sciences through UNISA but I dropped out due to the lack of finance. I would really be grateful to be granted this opportunity.

  44. I really like school and I would appreciate if I could be considered for a full sponsorship in Business Administration and Management Studies.

  45. Good day. I’m A Namibian undergraduate and am very much interested in this scholarship. I will appreciate if I’m to be awarded this opportunity in order to further my studies.

  46. I am interested and I would be glad if I might be sponsored. so as I might continue with my higher studies. From Bangladesh Agricultural University’s student as a undergraduate level student.

  47. I am interested. I jjust finished my high school education. i have distinctions in all sciences. I am a Zambian. I am in need of a scholarship. please your response and help will be highly appreciated, Sir.

  48. Hi!
    Thank you so much for such amazing chance, yes I want to continue my master degree aboard in gender studies but I have financial problem. I hope to get this chance at you and receive some more support.
    Thank you in advance.

  49. thanks a lot….. I’m looking for a sponsorship( for university studies) but I’m now in advanced level studying PCB

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  52. Always proud and happy to find myself in a happy family with full hope of receiving a scholarship that will support my studies . I think you and. I love you too much chief.God bless you

  53. Im studying in south africa in high school level but im from zimbabwe
    Can u please help me find funding for my studies
    I want to do accountings and computer science is my second option

  54. Dear best
    Thank you i am waiting your help soon may i get your support in the moment
    Amanuel Temesgen
    P.O.BOX 55406 Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

  55. hi , i am interested in it.
    help me soon to get your support in the moment


  56. Hi I\’m going to Gc foster college in August studying Bachelor degree in training teacher programe. This scholarship means alot to me being that I don\’t come from a wealthy family and I\’ll be the first to go to college. Please consider me I\’d appreciate it alot and thanks for your time.

  57. I obtained 2.77 CGPA out of 4 in BS-Information Technology. so I interested in this scholarship to apply this university.

  58. I will be grateful if I\’m opportune to have this scholarship.
    And I want to say a big thank you to everyone associated with this scholarship program.

  59. I had an email that I have been giving admission letter so how can I access it.please I need your help.

  60. I\’m Thierry imenagitero from Rwanda I have bachelor\’s degree in economic with education I wanna go on for the international schoraship in to masters degree with economic I would like to thank u for ur good responses

  61. I am Ephraim E Neblett and I am a Liberian,please consider me, I am a Refrigeration technician,How can I apply ??

  62. I would also like to join that college to get a scholarship

    coz I stopped in high school here in my country Uganda in east Africa

    and am also a talented soccer player who can also assist the school with my talent in sports

    I really need this chance please, I will be glad

  63. Am a student of benue state university hundred level student, school fees is really really a problem for me to pay. please i need help

  64. Hello sir.
    I\’m looking for a free scholarship and I don\’t have any budget to pay .I hope have chance to take the free scholarship.

  65. My name is Ebrima FL Manneh a Gambian citizen. I completed my high school this year at Nusrat senior secondary school, I want to further my education but I\’m not financial strong, so I\’m seeking for a scholarship in your institution if you may help. My father who is responsible for my schooling said his salary is less than the tuition fees of the university so can\’t no longer pay for my education together with other family expenses. So I really need a help from you guys.

  66. My name is muluka abdela from Ethiopia ihave Bsc degree in electrical and computer engineering iwould like to get full scholarship for master programme

  67. I am still in grade 12 this year and I am in South Africa in cape Town and I will go to university next year and I will need a scholarship .can you please fund me even if it\’s a loan as long as I will be studying .I will pay back the loan when I am working.

  68. hello i am tekilu from ethiopia I want to continue my master degree aboard in information managment system in hawassa univerisity, but I have financial problem. I hope to get this chance at you and receive some more support.
    Thank you in advance.

  69. I am really interested, I completed tertiary last year and am just doing all I can to further my education but am facing financial difficulties. I studied computer network management, I want to move up with it or study administration. I need help please. Thank you.

  70. Im ronalie and im an ofw before but i never earn because im the bread winner of the family…i want to study tourism can you please help me financially…i really wanted to study…pls ❤☺

  71. I am very interested and if I am given the opportunity to continue my studies as a law student abroad…I will be very happy ..thank u so much

  72. Hello, I am grace lamuno a nurse practitioner, I would like to further my nursing speciality in pediatric nursing and I am seeking a scholarship to attend my goal.

  73. iam musisi fredrick from uganda interested in this scholarship to do my masters in Business administration from Australia

  74. Iam an electrical engineer ,from sudan .
    Need to study for management reqire .

    Regards ,,,,

    Eng.salah adam


  75. I am Prakriti Ghimire revising in Bachelor in Hotel Management in NATHM . I would like to ask you to kindly grant me a scholarship as I have very poor financial condition and my parents are not willing to pay for my further studies as I am a girl . I have been maintaining certainly good learned record with more than 3.04 in (+2) GPA since my schooling and I assure you that I will present likewise in my degree course furthermore.

    I desire to get into some paid work soon after the completion of my graduation to support my family. Kindly help me by sponsoring my studies . if you want any documents I can send you my documents after your require . Looking forward the respond from you.

    I’ll always remain grateful to you for your kindness..

  76. i m from india acquired good results so i kindly request for a financial help .waiting for a positive reply .
    thank you

  77. I am Camara Mohamed Suzane. I am guinean and I have my bachelor degree in geography but I want to further my education on social work abroad to promote social work profession in my country. Please, I need financial support and I count on you for helping me.

  78. Am done with high school and I wish to study journalism and media studies…kindly please help….from Nairobi, Kenya

  79. i have a bachelors in medical radiography and want to do medicine,need to go for 4years.i really need this sponsor each semster is 2M without hostels.thanks

  80. Am studying general science at the secondary level at Ghana willing to further my studies ,in the tertiary level ,so I will need your help to further my education since am from a poor family my Dad can afford the fees of the tertiary institution .

  81. please!! I finished sinior five this year in minor seminary saint John and I wish to continue my studies next year abroad. please could offer me full scholarship?

  82. Je m\’appelle Xavier Gnakoi BILIVOGUI, je suis intéressé par cette bourse. comment puis je bénéficier?

  83. I\’m salim oginga, I study diploma in environmental health sciences due to lack of funds…. can I get any scholarship? please help me enhance my education I\’m from kenya

  84. Iam interested to study abroad.I want to complete my studies. Due to war and problems in our country, I couldnot complete my Master studies. Please help me and look at mercy eye with me

  85. Please please please help me to study and complete my Master Studies.. I hope if you get a Scholarship and study abroad. Please help me.I will be grateful for you and appreciated your high deeds.I am looking forward to hearing from you. as fast as you can.. Thanks

  86. I hold am Masters degree in Eaducational Management, a bachelors degree in Law, a diploma of Legal Practice and Development. I firstly neeed to do a masters of Law then a PHD of Education as plan B.
    I am waiting for to accepting this request.

  87. Frankly am interested please I need this offer and join university so as I study law!!
    Apparently would like know if we are meant to feel forms

  88. I see great opportunity in this scholarship…. I know its one of the best scholarship providers…and in addition,am very optimistic about it….thnx so much in advance as I wait for this opportunity…An orphan like me finds this the best

  89. Many congarants of what your have been doing My name is Elisha Kabwogi im interested for more studies how can you help me with that.

  90. I would like to do an MBA and would appreciate your assistance in obtaining a scholarship. Please enlighten me how to go about it. Thanking you in advance.

  91. Excuse me .my name is fauzul mona. i interested. but i want to college in turkey.can you help me to found scholarship in turkey?

  92. My Name is Bob Mayombo, from Papua New Guinea. I am Very interested to pursue my education to higher level but due to financial issue. Your kind assistance will make big difference.

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